Developing a Policy


Policy statement

  • should communicate the purpose of the policy and the employer's legal obligation and commitment to accommodate individuals with special needs based on characteristics set out in The Manitoba Human Rights Code (set out characteristics)


Employees' Responsibilities

  • advise employer of need for accommodation in a timely manner (it is a good idea to identify who in the company employees can approach directly with their requests for accommodation)
  • provide all medical and other information relevant to help employer assess accommodation request
  • cooperate in search for and implementation of accommodation.  Indicate that a failure to cooperate in this regard may lead to the employees request for accommodation being denied.


Employer's Responsibilities

  • review employee's request for accommodation and determine if falls under any of the areas and/or groups covered by The Code
  • verify need for accommodation by requesting from employee (and/or their caregiver) relevant information
  • hold all information obtained about the employee in confidence, as with other personal information about employees. Only the information necessary to determine what accommodation is possible should be released, and only to those who need to know
  • assess, identify and implement reasonable accommodation in a timely manner


  • advise why accommodation cannot be provided along with proof of undue hardship



  • communicate and circulate the policy
  • educate workforce about employer's legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodation and the need for them to assist in that process (by supporting and facilitating accommodation initiatives)



  • monitor any accommodation implemented to determine effectiveness and/or need for change and/or to determine if accommodation no longer necessary



  • include internal appeal mechanism if possible (in the event reasonable accommodation is initially refused) and/or advise of formal complaints process through Manitoba Human Rights Commission