Under The Human Rights Code discrimination is treating someone differently based on a protected characteristic or the failure to reasonably accommodate.

Manitoba Human Rights CommissionThe Code prohibits unreasonable discrimination, whether or not that discrimination is intentional. Discrimination often involves treating someone differently on the basis of a protected characteristic, such as ancestry. Failure to reasonably accommodate a special need based on a protected characteristic is also discriminatory.

Discrimination has the effect of denying equality of opportunity to a person or group on the basis of a protected characteristic. It may impose burdens or disadvantages on individuals or groups, which are not imposed upon others, or limit access to opportunities, benefits and advantages that are available to others.

Discrimination often offends the individual worth and dignity of a person. It may be based on stereotypes or have the effect of promoting the view that the person or group is less capable or worthy of recognition or value as a member of society.

Manitoba Human Rights CommissionDiscrimination can be systemic. This happens when a mix of rules or practices that do not seem discriminatory when looked at one by one but together result in discrimination.

In these cases the discrimination becomes obvious because of its effects on a group of people.