Fact Sheet:
Breastfeeding and The Human Rights Code

Breastfeeding is protected under The Human Rights Code ("The Code"). The Code prohibits unreasonable discrimination on the basis of sex. "Sex" includes pregnancy, the possibility of pregnancy, or circumstances related to pregnancy, such as breastfeeding.

  • Nursing mothers have the right to breastfeed their child in a public place, such as at a swimming pool, restaurant, park, bus or shopping mall.
  • Asking nursing mothers to move or cover up is rarely supported by human rights law.
  • Those who provide services to the public should have a clean, comfortable and somewhat private area available for nursing mothers to breastfeed, if requested.
  • Employees who are nursing have the right to reasonable support from their employer so that they can continue breastfeeding their child. Examples include flexibility with work breaks and providing cooled storage for expressed breast milk.

Know Your Code!

The Code is the provincial human rights law that protects individuals and groups in Manitoba from discrimination. It is administered by the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. There is no charge for filing a human rights complaint or for seeking advice about a human rights concern. The Code has special status over all other laws of the Province of Manitoba.

This information is a simplified description of provisions under The Code. For more information, please consult The Code, or contact the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.