News Releases

04/27/17 City offers walk-up yard waste removal for persons with disabilities
02/24/17 Commission dedicates resources to human rights education
12/21/16 City of Steinbach resolves complaint
11/23/16 2016 Human Rights Award Recipients Announced
10/06/16 Brandon artist to honour human rights work in Manitoba
09/28/16 Systemic settlement remedies each and every person impacted by discrimination
05/16/16 Manitoba Human Rights Commission Will Appeal Court of Queen’s Bench Ruling on Jurisdiction
05/05/16 Discrimination: Pregnancy was a factor in decision to terminate employee
04/29/16 Human Rights Adjudicator finds employees forced to tolerate poisoned work environment
03/21/16 Manitoba Human Rights Commission recognizes International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
12/16/15 MHRC Joins Commissions Across Canada in Support of the TRC’s Calls to Action
12/01/15 Awards Recognize Dedication to Reconciliation and Advancement of Human Rights
09/15/15 Decision emphasizes that employer must avoid stereotypes and assumptions about addiction
06/02/15 Manitoba Human Rights Commission Applauds the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Findings
05/22/15 Manitoba Human Rights Commission disappointed by dismissal of pregnancy complaint
02/26/15 The Manitoba Human Rights Commission releases Service Animal Public Consultation Report
02/17/15 Manitoba Human Rights Commission goes North
01/23/15 The Manitoba Human Rights Commission responds to racism in Winnipeg
12/17/14 Manitoba Human Rights Commission's 2013 Annual Report Released
12/05/14 Adjudicator finds that Winkler woman was subjected sexual harassment
11/27/14 Time to celebrate human rights in Manitoba
08/25/14 More equitable system for Handi-Transit users
06/24/14 Managers and executives sent for human rights harassment education
05/13/14 Adjudicator decides if damage to dignity offer is enough in service animal case
05/05/14 New Directions and RM of Springfield find success by working together
04/10/14 "DREAM" Human Rights Conference
02/25/14 Changes at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission
02/21/14 Commission reviews its options after discrimination case dismissed
11/29/13 2013 Human Rights Award Recipients Announced
11/25/13 Government releases Manitoba Human Rights Commission 2012 Annual Report
10/02/13 Chairperson leaves the Manitoba Human Rights Commission
09/30/13 The Government of Manitoba responds to systemic discrimination complaint
04/26/13 Human Rights Adjudicator hands down highest award in Manitoba history
04/15/13 Workshop helps employers understand family status requests
04/02/13 Rights Race Game a fun and challenging way to learn human rights
03/18/13 Joan Braun leads Manitoba Human Rights Commission
03/14/13 The Business of Human Rights in the Workplace
03/14/13 Schools Prepare for Human Rights Rally
03/07/13 Canadian Human Rights Agencies Call for Action
01/14/13 Perceived addiction to alcohol results in discrimination
12/05/12 Winnipeg artist chosen to create art work for human rights award recipients
11/22/12 Seven Manitobans to receive human rights awards
09/05/12 Executive Director leaves the Manitoba Human Rights Commission
06/15/12 Human Rights Conference in Winnipeg once every 10 years
05/30/12 The Manitoba Human Rights Commission celebrates the 25th Anniversary of The Human Rights Code
05/23/12 Province Moves to Strengthen Human Rights Code
04/17/12 The Manitoba Human Rights Commission youth conferences showcase projects of middle year students
11/28/11 2011 Human Rights Award Winners Announced
11/25/11 Human Rights settlement confirms the right to choose
11/03/11 2010 Annual Report Released
10/31/11 Nominations Open for 2011 Human Rights Awards
04/14/11 New publication helps youth with disabilities
03/18/11 The Manitoba Human Rights Commission acknowledges Elimination of Racism Day with a new human rights teaching tool
11/30/10 2010 Human Rights Award Winners Announced
10/12/10 Human Rights Award looks to Arts Community
04/01/10 Northern Students will add their voices to human rights messages
04/06/10 Commission approves two new guidelines
04/25/10 Commissions work together for the first time in Canada
04/27/10 Partnership – Memorandum of Understanding
10/27/10 New trend revealed in Manitoba Human Rights Commission's 2009 Annual Report
12/17/09 Human Rights Adjudicator rules on criminal record
12/01/09 2009 Human Rights Awards Recipients
11/13/09 Students create video human rights messages
10/15/09 Manitoba Human Rights Commission releases 2008 Annual Report
10/08/09 Apartment block owner ordered to remove restrictions
10/05/09 Nominations for human rights awards open
09/17/09 MHRC Vice Chairperson commends the Government on New Act
09/11/09 Human rights messages delivered with a twist
06/26/09 Human rights decision a victory for wheelchair athlete
04/09/09 Human Rights "Peace by Piece Banner" Comes Full Circle
12/09/08 Human Rights Conference December 10
12/08/08 Student Banner Unveiled
12/04/08 2008 Human Rights Award Recipients
12/03/08 Disability Settlements
11/18/08 2007 Annual Report Released
10/27/08 Clarification of Investigation
04/21/08 Youth Conference in Brandon
04/21/08 Youth Conference in Winnipeg
03/18/08 Youth Conference in The Pas
01/21/08 Pasternak Decision Upheld
12/06/07 Racialized Communities and Police Services Report
12/03/07 Award Recipients
11/14/07 Annual Report
10/15/07 Awards
06/28/07 Elizabeth Fry Settlement PDF 36k
05/04/07 Westman Youth Conference
03/23/07 Council of Canadians with Disabilities v. Via Rail Decision
03/23/07 Discrimination Results in Compensation
03/16/07 Youth Conference in The Pas
12/22/06 Annual Report
12/04/06 Commitment Awards
11/15/06 RCAPS Project
10/24/06 Commission Will Defend Pasternak Decision
10/20/06 Thorvaldson Appeal Dismissed
10/20/06 Richard Decision
10/13/06 Pasternak Judicial Review
09/22/06 Pasternak Decision
08/17/06 Camp Arnes and Rainbow and the Rainbow Harmony Project
06/13/06 Interim Decision
04/24/06 Brandon Youth Conference
03/16/06 Youth Conference in Thompson
01/26/06 Annual Report
12/06/05 Commitment Awards
11/23/05 Winnipeg Youth Conference
10/24/05 Sexual Harassment Ruling Upheld
09/22/05 Sexual Harassment in Workplace Decision
07/27/05 Canadian Coalition of Municipalities
06/29/05 Same Sex Civil Marriage Law Passed
04/29/05 Brandon Youth Conference
03/11/05 Northern Youth Conference
01/28/05 Hepatitis C Decision
12/21/04 Annual Report
12/09/04 Winnipeg Youth Conference
12/09/04 Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court Decision
12/08/04 Commitment Award
09/16/04 Definition of Marriage Manitoba Decision
03/17/04 Northern Youth Conference
02/01/04 Changes Benefit Persons With Disabilities
12/30/03 Annual Report
12/03/03 Commitment Awards
11/19/03 Winnipeg Youth Conference
07/23/03 Harassment Complaints
05/23/03 CASHRA Conference in Winnipeg
04/04/03 Supporting Rights of Same Sex Couples
03/19/03 Pinball Clemons
03/03/03 Women's Quiz
01/13/03 Workplace Discrimination Decision
12/05/02 Winnipeg Youth Conference
12/03/02 Commitment Award
11/18/02 Annual Report
07/18/02 Extension of Property Laws
06/07/02 Same Sex Couples and Adoption Legislation
05/02/02 Website Entertainers
04/18/02 Smoking Complaints
03/21/02 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Decision
03/18/02 Website Guests
01/22/02 Student Website
11/26/01 Winnipeg Youth Conference
10/30/01 Annual Report
09/13/01 Terrorist Attack
06/19/01 Adoption Rights