Fact Sheet:
Service Animals and The Human Rights Code

A service animal is an animal trained to assist a person with a disability. The assistance provided by the animal must be directly related to the person’s physical or mental disability.

  • A person who uses a service animal has the right to enter a restaurant, store or other place where the public is allowed, with their service animal. This includes accessing transportation such as buses and taxis.
  • For certain disabilities it may be obvious that the animal is providing assistance is a service animal (for example, for individuals who are blind).
  • For many mental disabilities or disabilities that are invisible (such as post-traumatic stress disorder or diabetes), it may be less obvious or apparent that the animal is providing assistance with a disability or how it is assisting, but it is still a service animal.
  • You are entitled to ask the person if their animal is trained to assist them with a disability.
  • A service animal usually has an identifying harness or vest.
  • No one should interact with, or feed, a service animal unless they are given permission by the animal’s owner to do so.
  • The preference of other tenants, customers or employees is not a valid reason to restrict access or service to a person with a service animal.
  •  “No pet” policies should not be applied to service animals. Hotel/motel operators/ landlords should not require a deposit or charge a cleaning fee for a service animal.
  • A person with a service animal has the responsibility to keep the animal under their care and control at all times.
  • If the person with the service animal is not able to effectively control the animal’s behaviour, they may be refused access or asked to leave. 


Know Your Code!
The Human Rights Code is the provincial human rights law that protects individuals and groups in Manitoba from discrimination. It is administered by The Manitoba Human Rights Commission. There is no charge for filing a human rights complaint or for seeking advice about a human rights concern. The Code has special status over all other laws of the Province of Manitoba.

This information is a simplified description of provisions under The Code. For more information, please consult The Code, visit our website or contact us.

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October 2016