April 09, 2009

Human Rights “Peace by Piece Banner” Comes Full Circle

Banner messages reveal youths’ commitment to human rights

On Tuesday evening, April 14, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. the human rights “Peace by Piece Banner” will be presented at RD Parker Collegiate in Thompson. The presenting and displaying of the banner will be the first event of the Manitoba Human Rights Celebrate Your Rights Northern Youth Conference. The conference itself takes place the following day at the Juniper Centre, 108 Nelson Road.

Students and teachers from across Northern Manitoba as well as Mayor Tim Johnston of Thompson and Rob Watt Vice-Principal of RD Parker Collegiate, which is hosting the banner unveiling event, will be present.

Jerry Woods, Chairperson of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and host of the Celebrate Your Rights Conference says the Peace by Piece Banner has come full circle.

“Northern students were the first to work on pieces for the banner at our last Youth Conference in March of 2008 in the Pas,” he says and explains, “The students put human rights messages on pieces of material. A month later, students in Winnipeg and the Brandon region did the same thing.”

Over 40 Manitoba schools contributed “Peace Pieces,” which makes this banner a very impressive size! It was first unveiled at the Manitoba Legislative Building on December 9, 2008 and subsequently displayed at the City Hall Building in Brandon on December 10, 2008.

“This Peace by Piece Banner symbolizes the commitment of youth in Manitoba to human rights today and tomorrow,” says Mr. Woods.

The banner was assembled with the help of COR Enterprises Inc. and Ventures, two Brandon organizations, which work with adults with disabilities, and the Headingley Correctional Centre’s Tailor Shop.

On Wednesday April 15, 2009 the Celebrate Your Rights Northern Youth Conference will be held at the Juniper Centre, beginning at 9:00 a.m. As well as human rights workshops, key note speaker Betty Vallejo will address the students at 12:45 p.m.

Ms Vallejo is originally from Southern Colombia where, as a Community Development Worker for eleven years, she worked with children, teenagers and widows who were victims of traumatic experiences. She will be sharing her inspiring story and will demonstrate how today’s youth can have a powerful impact on their world.

The conference workshops, which take place in the morning, include: Rights = Responsibilities and Human Rights: The quiz. The workshops are facilitated by Human Rights Officers from the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

Students from Thompson, Split Lake, Wabowden, South Indian Lake, Grand Rapids, Oxford House, The Pas and St. Theresa Point will be participating in this year’s youth conference.

For more information, please contact
Patricia Knipe
Communications Director
Manitoba Human Rights Commission
945-5112 (Winnipeg)

In Thompson
Pam Roberts

Country Inns & Suites (arriving April 14, 2009)
ph: 204-778-8879
Juniper Centre (April 15, 2009)