June 26, 1009

Human rights messages delivered with a twist

Wab Kinew and Alexander MickelthwateWith the help and support of some very special friends, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission has released five 30 second video public service announcements.

Included in the castings are Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Maestro Alexander Mickelthwate, Rap Musician Wab Kinew, former Blue Bomber Troy Westwood and Winnipeg Royal Ballet Dancer Jacelyn Lobay. Comedian Big Daddy Tazz was paired with Arlene Ursel, who recently won a human rights case regarding services and disability.

Jacelyn Lobay and Troy WestwoodThe PSAs show two people with differences in their music, their occupation, their age or their disability. What they all have in common is their belief in human rights.

Four Winnipeg actors, Manny Sylvester, Erik Berg, Lois Brothers and Raimey Gallant also volunteered. Their PSAs deal with age discrimination and sexual harassment.

All the participants took part in this project because of their conviction that everyone has human rights, and to send the message that Manitobans can live their lives free from discrimination.

Arlene Ursel and Big Daddy Tazz“The message of human rights is an important one and we are very pleased to receive such great support from those who participated in this project,” says Dianna, Scarth executive director of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

The announcements can be seen on CBC, Global, City, Shaw and WCG Television stations, and were filmed and edited by Recurrentsolutions Inc. The Commission would also like to thank local filmmaker and current executive director of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties, Cindy Murdoch.

For more information, please contact
Patricia Knipe
Manitoba Human Rights Commission