News Release: The Manitoba Human Rights Commission

March 18, 2013

Joan Braun leads Manitoba Human Rights Commission

The Manitoba Human Rights Board of Commissioner's Vice-Chairperson Yvonne Peters is pleased to announce the selection of Joan Braun as the new Executive Director of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.  Ms Braun's career has been devoted to public interest law and equality issues and has a strong commitment to social justice.

"Manitobans have a strong Human Rights Commission with its staff doing the full scope of work from investigation to mediation to awareness," says Ms Braun. "I am looking forward to building on what is already here."

Joan Braun is a lawyer, social worker and qualified mediator. For the past ten years she has worked in the public interest law sector, both leading research and policy projects and working in senior management in the non-profit sector. One of Ms Braun's recent accomplishments was to oversee the development and operation of the first legal aid clinic in Western Canada which exclusively provides services for vulnerable and "at risk" older adults. She is the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Bar Association's Alternate Dispute Resolution national section and is the Co-Chair for one of the Association on Conflict Resolution's subsections.

Ms. Braun is looking forward to ensuring that the work done by the Commission continues and that this work is widely understood by the public.

"Protection of human rights has made a difference in the lives of many people. However, discrimination continues to exist in Manitoba and throughout the country and work still remains to be done."

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Patricia Knipe
Manitoba Human Rights Commission