November 27, 2014

Human Rights Awards Announced

As human rights awareness becomes part of our province’s identity, The Human Rights Awards offer a chance to recognize those who continue to fight for equality.

The Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Manitoba Human Rights Commission proudly announce the recipients of the 2014 Human Rights Awards. These awards are given out every year in celebration of International Human Rights Day.

The Annual Human Rights Commitment Award of Manitoba recognizes those who have promoted respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and have advanced the rights of Manitobans.

The Recipients of the 2014 Human Rights Commitment Award of Manitoba are:

PRIDE Winnipeg - an organization that has grown exponentially over the years from a one day event in 1987 with 250 participants to a ten day festival celebrating the LGBTTQ* community with over 35,000 people attending

Rana Abdulla – a Palestinian born in Kuwait, she is a mother, chartered accountant and a fearless pioneer for the rights of immigrants and refugees

Althea Guiboche – a mother of seven whose journey began in 2012; also known as the Bannock Lady who is improving the lives of the socially disadvantaged

The Annual Sybil Shack Human Rights Youth Award recognizes the work of a person or group of people, 25 years old and under, that has had an impact on the advancement of human rights as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and human rights legislation in Manitoba.

The recipient of the Sybil Shack Human Rights Youth award for 2014 is:

Alana Robert – a University of Manitoba Métis student, she is a tireless advocate of advancing human rights both here and abroad

Everyone is encouraged to attend the award reception in honour of this year’s recipients. This will take place on December 9, 2014 at the Union Centre 206-275 Broadway, Winnipeg, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Beginning on Thursday, November 27, a link will be posted on the Commission’s website to register for tickets under Human Rights Awards. The event is free and light refreshments will be served. Please note that you must register to attend.

For more information please contact:

Patricia Knipe
Communications Director
Manitoba Human Rights Commission


2014 Human Rights Commitment of Manitoba Award Recipients

PRIDE Winnipeg: On August 2, 1987, about 250 people marched in Winnipeg’s first Pride Day. It was a brave step – a tentative venture out of a dark closet that for too long confined the spirits of those who belong to Winnipeg’s LGBTTQ* community. Today, an estimated 35,000 attended the 2014 Pride Winnipeg Festival to celebrate their many victories and their diverse community, and to remember that there is so much to be proud of and thankful for. Winnipeg Pride is the Pride of the Prairies – one of the largest celebrations of LGBTTQ* culture between Toronto and Vancouver.

Rana Abdulla: A mother and a professional accountant, Rana is also a fearless pioneer for the rights of immigrants and refugees. Her human rights activism has its origins in her heritage as the Kuwait-born child of Palestinian refugees. She has a deep and profound respect and desire for advancing the cause of human rights and cross-cultural understanding and respect. When she becomes aware of an opportunity to be of assistance to people fleeing violence, oppression and dispossession, particularly people from the Arab world, Rana always finds a way in which to ease distress, guide and support such victims towards a safe future in which they might experience stability, dignity and empowerment to rebuild their lives.

Althea Guiboche: Also known as “the Bannock Lady”, Althea is a single mother of seven children, living in the North End of Winnipeg. She has spent the last several years galvanizing support for her initiative to improve circumstances for Winnipeg’s most vulnerable, by making bannock and distributing it to Winnipeg’s homeless population every week. Her strong belief is that “we are a global village – we are one race – the human race – and no one should be on the street homeless and hungry.”

Background 2014 Sybil Shack Human Rights Youth Award Recipients

Alana Robert: Alana is a tireless, young advocate who works to instill positive change, justice, and the advancement of human rights in both Manitoba and abroad. Alana has worked extensively with social justice initiatives since she was in high school, and continues to educate, fundraise, and advocate. The highlights of Alana’s human rights work includes: 1 of 7 students across the country to be a World Vision Canadian Youth Ambassador, World Vision University of Manitoba Student Group President, Justice For Women University of Manitoba Student Group Founder & President, and as a Métis student, Alana is very involved with the Aboriginal community.