January 23, 2015

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission responds to racism in Winnipeg


The Manitoba Human Rights Commission responds to racism in Winnipeg
“We have reported an increase in complaints based on ancestry and that includes Aboriginal people over the last few years,” he says. “We are, however, painfully aware that these complaints just scratch the surface of what is happening in our city.”

The Commission is intent on wanting the Aboriginal Community to know that The Human Rights Code exists in Manitoba to help protect people from discrimination. Anyone who experiences discrimination in housing, employment or discrimination that prevents them from shopping or entering business establishments should contact The Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

As for the public at large, Mr. Jiwa says that hearing example after example of street racism is disturbing and certainly should not be ignored.

“This is where our many education and awareness programs and outreach activities can help,” says Mr. Jiwa. “We are and will continue to be part of the solution by informing every one of their rights and responsibilities, and explaining how racism, or any form of discrimination, can be destructive to a business, school or community.”

The mandate of The Manitoba Human Rights Commission is to promote and educate the public about human rights in this province and to enforce the anti-discrimination provisions of The Human Rights Code. The Commission investigates complaints to determine if there is enough evidence to require a public hearing. The Commission also mediates complaints, facilitating voluntary resolutions and remedies between the parties. The Commission has both policies and guidelines reflecting its interpretation of The Code.

As part of its promoting and educating mandate, The Commission has education seminars for employers and property owners, annual youth conferences, public consultations and many outreach activities on all topics covered by The Human Rights Code.

To contact the Commission visit its website www.manitobahumanrights.ca or call 204-945-3007 or 1-888-884-8681.

For more information please contact

Patricia Knipe
Communications Director
Manitoba Human Rights Commission