June 2, 2015

Manitoba Human Rights Commission Applauds the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Findings

In response to the recent release of the Truth and Reconciliations Commission (TRC) of Canada’s Final Report, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission’s Executive Director Azim Jiwa, issues the following statement: 

“The Manitoba Human Rights Commission applauds all involved over the past six years who have worked tirelessly to bring an honest and true account of Canada’s residential school system, which for years has been shrouded in secrecy.

Thousands of survivors have stepped forward to share their stories with the TRC Commissioners, Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair, Chief Wilton Littlechild and Dr. Marie Wilson – who have collected these testimonies with compassion, care and diligence. 

Sharing these truths in the TRC report and the recommended Calls to Action are only the first of many steps necessary to develop equal rights to Aboriginal peoples in Manitoba and throughout Canada. 

The TRC Report has highlighted that the work to come will require that all people come together in partnership with Aboriginal peoples; that Canadians learn about the true history of Aboriginal peoples; and that we all need to work together to create opportunities for Aboriginal peoples to reclaim their culture and traditions.  The goal of course, is to heal and make whole, so that Aboriginal peoples are provided with the same opportunities as the rest of Canadians.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission welcomes the TRC’s Call to Action and hopes that all Canadians take the time to learn, to reflect, to understand and to work together as reconciliation can now begin in truth.”

Azim Jiwa – Executive Director

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Pam Roberts
Human Rights Officer, Communications
Manitoba Human Rights Commission
Email: pam.roberts@gov.mb.ca