December 16, 2015

MHRC Joins Commissions Across Canada in Support of the TRC’s Calls to Action

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission (MHRC) challenges all Manitobans to actively take steps to implement the TRC’s Calls to Action - to repair, strengthen and build relationships among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Reconciliation among these groups will require meaningful action by governments, public service agencies, educators, religious institutions, media, the private sector and individual citizens.

Soon after the June 2015 release of the Interim TRC Report the MHRC began work on a 3-year focus project designed to identify the systemic issues that underlie discrimination on the basis of race. The project is also designed to gather information about how the MHRC can facilitate reconciliation within its complaint process and via its mandate to educate Manitobans about the rights and responsibilities in The Human Rights Code. The initial stage of this project will focus on discrimination against Indigenous peoples in Manitoba.

Vice Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners, Loretta Ross, is pleased to connect the MHRC with Elders in the community who can offer guidance to the MHRC as they develop ways of connecting with the Indigenous communities.  “We will be establishing an Advisory Council early in the New Year to provide us with their advice and guidance throughout the project.  We will speak with Indigenous peoples at a grassroots level across the province to gather information about the barriers they face to full participation in society due to ancestry.  The MHRC wants to ensure that every step of our process to engage the public around issues of discrimination is thoughtful and focused on objectives that we can deliver.”

The MHRC will be releasing further details about the project in the coming months.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Pam Roberts       
Human Rights Officer, Communications
Manitoba Human Rights Commission