September 28, 2016

Systemic settlement remedies each and every person impacted by discrimination

Jim Derksen and many senior Handi-Transit users are celebrating after his human rights complaint against the City of Winnipeg reached a successful resolution.

Mr. Derksen complained that he and other seniors were discriminated against because of their disability. The City’s seniors discount was available to regular transit users but not to Handi-Transit users. Although the City did eventually make the discount available to Handi-Transit users, there were users affected over a period of years.

The resolution will enable every senior impacted to be credited for the non-discounted fare paid in the past, based on the number of trips they actually took during the relevant period. This is the first time a settlement in Manitoba has resulted in remedying every person impacted by the discrimination.

City Council ratified the settlement today and plans are underway to contact current Handi-Transit users and inform the public of the City’s agreement to credit seniors.

Isha Khan, the Executive Director of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission says the Commission is very pleased that the parties were able to work together to address this issue.

"The efforts of people like Jim Derksen have resulted in a better understanding of systemic discrimination and how it can be remedied. This outcome will be beneficial to all senior Handi-Transit users in Winnipeg.”

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Patricia Knipe      
Communications Director
Manitoba Human Rights Commission