Human Rights in the School

This guidebook is a publication of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission

Researched and written by: Judy Burch

Edited by: Debra Beauchamp

This guide was part of a collaborative effort, made possible by the dedicated efforts of the special people who formed the Advisory Committee to this project:

Lou bourrier, Diane Cooley, Sandra Devon, Cathi Hill, Paul LaPorte, Greg Selinger and Flora Zaharia.

We also extend our appreciation to the organizations which enabled members of the Advisory Committee to devote some of their time to this project.

Reproduction of these materials is permitted on the condition that due credit is given to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission
(Cette publication existe également en français.)


"In my travels … I have been concerned with many things,
but the underlying factor which is basic to all these concerns
is human rights. Human rights and all that this
phrase implies is based on the value of human worth and
of personal dignity."

Eleanor Roosevelt, Chairperson, United Nations Commission on
Human Rights, 1946-1951, in her introduction to Give Us the Tools
by Henry Viscardi.