Sample Policy for Condominium Corporations

123 Condominium Corporation Ltd.:  Protection from Discrimination and Harassment


123 Condominium Corporation is committed to providing for the purchase and lawful occupancy of its condominium units, and the enjoyment of common areas free of unreasonable discrimination, including harassment. This is in keeping with its obligations under The Human Rights Code.

Condominium unit owners and lawful occupants have the right to occupy the condominium units of 123 Condominium Corporation Ltd., and to enjoy its common areas (and their guests, to visit), without being treated differently, to their disadvantage and without reasonable cause, on the basis of a characteristic protected under The Human Rights Code. They also have the right not to be harassed based on a protected characteristic.

Protected characteristics or grounds under The Code are ancestry (including colour and perceived race); nationality or national origin; religion or creed; ethnic background or origin; age; sex (including gender-determined characteristics such as pregnancy); gender identity; sexual orientation; marital or family status; source of income; political belief; physical or mental disability; and social disadvantage. 

Unit owners also have the right to reasonable accommodation of special needs which are based on any of these protected grounds, such as religion or disability. 


Unit owners, who believe that they have been discriminated against or harassed in the purchase or occupation of condominium housing with 123 Condominium Corporation Ltd., are asked to please report the problem to [insert name, phone number and address of designated representative.]

Unit owners who require reasonable accommodation of a special need, which is based on a protected characteristic, are asked to please make their request to [insert name, phone number and address of designated person]. Reasonable supportive information with respect to the accommodation request may be required.

123 Condominium Corporation Ltd will take a unit owner’s complaint or request seriously, and will respond to the unit owner in a timely manner, after looking into the matter.

For further information, unit owners may also wish to contact the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, at 945-3007 (Winnipeg), or 1-888-884-8681 (toll-free).