For Service Providers

MHRC - For Service Providers As a service provider you have responsibilities to ensure that discrimination and harassment do not occur with respect to a service that you deliver to the public. This area includes such services as schools, restaurants, theatres, stores or local government.

When a complaint is brought to the attention of the Commission, you may be contacted in an effort to resolve the issue informally (pre- complaint resolution). Once a formal complaint is filed, an initial review of the complaint will be done by the Commission to determine the appropriate next steps. These steps may include preliminary assessment, mediation, and/or investigation.

The following publications may help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a service provider:

Reasonable accommodation - You can remove barriers to equality of opportunity and participation

You can respect human rights and control the sale of intoxicating substances

How to respond to a human rights complaint

Fact Sheet: Discrimination is prohibited by the Human Rights Code

Fact Sheet: Harassment is prohibited by the Human Rights Code

Guide to a Reasonable Offer

Adjudications and Court Decisions

Practical Guide for Schools: Students with Service Animals

Practical Guide for Service Providers: Patrons with Service Animals

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