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Discrimination and Condominium Housing


Fact Sheet

The Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in condominium housing. This
means that a condominium corporation, property manager or agent cannot discriminate in
the sale or occupancy of condominium housing based on protected characteristics, such as

  • Protected characteristics include ancestry, national origin, ethnic background,
    religion, age, sex (including sex-determined characteristics, such as pregnancy),
    sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, source of income,
    political belief, physical or mental disability and social disadvantage.
  • Discrimination includes failing to reasonably accommodate special needs that are
    based on protected characteristics, such as disability.
  • Harassment based on a protected characteristic, such as sex, is also prohibited.
  • Discrimination in advertisements is prohibited, including signs or ads about
    condominium units for sale.

A condominium corporation may be in violation of The Human Rights Code even when it has
met all requirements of The Condominium Act. For more information, please refer to the
Manitoba Human Rights Commission Guidelines on condominium housing.


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